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We are introducing unconventional design and implementation of the lighting in nightclub Unique in Mlynská dolina, Bratislava. We were trying to design something new and unusual. After introducing our proposal the owner was satisfied with the project and we agreed on cooperation.

Implemented projects

We chose a chaotic distribution of LED light sources in the entrance corridor to interest visitors immediately after their entry. In this case, the RGB LED strips used to create a light atmosphere for each event in the club. As the main lighting were used LED strips 15W 3014 LED chip that produces 1600lm / m


VIP seating area, DJ podium. The lighting was creation of our imagination and creativity. We used standard 30x32mm LED profiles shaped into the Hexagon. Currently this lighting consists of two circuits which are independent of each other and create a light show. The lighting is prepared to be controlled bt DJ via DMX.

To the project has been included as well as rest areas, Bar …

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